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Palettes stuck outside of monitor bounds.


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Problem: on a multi-display system a palette on a secondary portrait orientation monitor, that is taller than the primary landscape display, can be dragged onto the landscape display, and will not resize automatically to fit. It can then be dragged up behind the menubar, whereupon releasing the mouse, its sole drag handle  is now behind them menubar, and no longer able to be reached to drag it back. There is a workaround to set the application to full screen , which hides the menubar, revealing the top of the palette, and it can be dragged down.

Further variation of this problem - if the portrait monitor is disconnected, palettes on it will shift to the landscape main display, the full length portrait screen palette may shift onto the landscape screen so far above the top side, that the palette’s grabable top edge is physically outside the monitor's bezels, and cannot be reached, unless the monitor has its rotation set to 90 degrees temporarily to enable the top edge of the palette to be brought back within the bounds of the screen.

Solution: Hopefully the upcoming 1.9 update's saveable workspaces will create a workaround, where palette positions can be reset to user configurations, but there should be an additional safety function to either create a hard stop for palettes at the bottom of the menubar, or some modifier key to make a palette draggable and reposition-able from anywhere within its bounds.

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I just tried the Photo 1.9 beta, which has the Studio Presets feature, and it doesn;t really solve the problem, as the implementation seems to be backwards from how the feature is supposed to work.

UI palette presets are supposed to be saved states for UI layout, so you can reset your UI to a specific layout. Photo Beta's Studio Presets keep every change to your palette locations, so if you lose a palette off screen, you can't just refresh the Preset or switch between palette layouts to get back to your saved layout.

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Noprobs - most of the problem is alleviated by having the main display connected by HDMI, which doesn't disconnect from the system while sleeping.

But yes, the current build, you can still drag palettes top edges under the menubar, where they can't be grabbed to drag them back out, however the Studio Presets function makes it a non-issue, because you can reset them back.



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