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Move/adjust basic selections while creating them

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Hey there,


today I worked with the common rectangular selection and was wondering if there’s a way to move the selection while creating it.

Situation was I wanted to select a specific area and missed it by one pixel at the top only … I'm used to hold down the spacebar

as a modification key and move/adjusting the its position it while creating it as long as the key is pressed. I mostly used it for 

rectangular, circular and the column selections.


Would be a nice addition, so one would save an additional step in creating the selection by drawing another rectangle over the

existing one or even create a new one while zoomed in.


What do you guys think? :)




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Sure it works as you state, but it’s something different than what I requested.

So I wouldn't actually call it a workaround for the feature I described initially and it involves a bit

more button-pressing and mode-switching instead of just draw the shape in the right place anew. ;)

Also adding and »preview-panning« (or what ever you wanna call this) a selection to an existing

one the way Photoshop handles it is not possible with this technique.


But thanks, your trick is handy to know anyway!

There’s no real »transform selection« option right now, is there?

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I´d also like the way it works in PS - it´s handy!

I think the quick mask mode is supposed to be a sort of that?


What I find really annoying though is that I´m not able to change the feathering of a selection in the qm mode.

I can do this through the refine selection tool but that really is not comfortable.



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I totally agree, Affinity is missing Transform Selection tool. It's impossible to change the rectangular selection once it's made... It is so important that I used to map it to F4 key on Photo$hop. I want:


* Transform Selection,

* popup dimensions when selecting,

* Selection's dimensions shown in Info panel after releasing the mouse button (not just when selecting)

* Dimensions in px of the document/artboard shown on the status bar at the bottom of the screen

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What I never understood is why Adobe requires the user to enter selection transform mode in the first place. And then that horrible little dialog pops up when switching tools and selection transform mode is active:




Or the user is first required to hit the [enter] key to confirm. Terrible, terrible. I think that is a real workflow-breaker.


Why not display transform selection handles at all times instead when switching to the selection tools?


And when I enter quick mask mode, I cannot move or transform the selection directly without switching to transform mode again, and continuously confirming those transformations. Forget to hit that [enter] key, and the above transformation dialog pops up once again. Sigh.

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