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I downloaded some greeting card templates in PSD (photoshop).format to a new folder on my PC. When I added this folder in the presets and templates and selected the folder no templates showed. So I opened each template as .PSD in APhoto no problem then saved as AFphoto extension to a folder. But the same thing happens. Does this mean A photo doesn't show a preview of the template and you have to open the folder in windows explorer then open each one in the main window to get a preview?


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Once you have saved the file you have to export it as an Affinity Photo Template file by going to File > Export as Template... You may be able to skip the saving (as an Affinity file) step, it depends on what the Photoshop file has in it that is unique to Adobe, and just open the file and export.

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7 minutes ago, jeffers said:

Ah......the usual mistake EXPORT and not save as.....got it now thanks

You could, I believe, also use "Save As" as long as you make sure to save the file as a .aftemplate file rather than a .afphoto file. The "Save As" dialog allows either extension, though it defaults to .afphoto.



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