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Hi Cusertrumpl,


I have been unable to recreate the issue. Could you please attach your file to this thread so that I may investigate this further?



Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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Hello cusertrumpl,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Yes, i'm able to replicate this. However i'm not sure if this can be considered a bug.

The issue is you have grouped the adjustments/masks but left the pixel layer outside the group. Since by design adjustments/masks/filters/whatever only affect the layers inside the group, they aren't actually affecting anything in your example and lead to that strange result. If you move the pixel layer to inside the group it will then work as expected.


If you want to apply the adjustment and the mask to the pixel layer, you can attach both to it. To do it, drag the White Balance Adjustment over the pixel layer's thumbnail until a vertical blue marker appears. Then drag the mask picking it from it's thumbnail and release it over the pixel layer's thumbnail when the blue vertical marker appears. This will stack both mask and adjustment while keeping them attached to the Pixel layer.

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I'm not sure, whether you understand, what my original intension was.


What i want to do is, applying multiple Adjustments/Filters to an area specified by one Mask.


I could do this duplicating the Pixel layer. This works perfectly. But if it would not only be one layer but a variety of layers I want the Adjustments to be applied to, it wouldn't make sense to duplicate them all.



I also could duplicate the mask. This solution seams easy. But this has a slightly different effect. (that I don't want)



So what I did is grouping only the Adjustments (didn't work as shown above) because I didn't see any other way.

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Hi cusertrumpl,

Yes, i see what you mean, but i don't believe this was designed to work that way. In any case there's something here that's not working as i would expect.

Please give me some time to investigate this issue further. I will get back to you later.

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Did you already make your investigation?

If not, just a short question on that:


Is it defined, what should happen if I have only adjustments/filters grouped. (With some image under the group)?


If not I'd request a feature: That the adjustments/filters are composed and I could apply a mask on them.

(Same effect as Post  #6  first example)


I think this easy-to-implement feature would make layers in affinity even more powerful.

Best regards.

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