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Applying an Adjustment layer to a mask

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I'm using a curves adjustment layer to adjust the mask of a layer (making some transparent parts more transparent etc) but when I merge the adjustment layer down to "bake" the adjustment to the mask, it seems to just disappear without being applied to the mask. Anyone know if this is a bug or if there's a way to do this?


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You can create your mask, rasterize it to a mask and then apply an adjustment layer like a curve to the mask to choke it, etc.  In the attached images, the image of the bike is layered on top of a red fill layer.  The mask applied to the bike image is a radial gradient with a feathered fall-off.  The curves adjustment layer applied to the mask creates a harder edge to the fall off by adding extreme contrast to the mask - NOTE: to make the adjustment layer operate on the mask, you nest it with the mask layer but you must also choose the curves layer to operate on the ALPHA from the curves dialog drop down menu (yellow arrow).






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