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Hi! I am making artwork that has many layers. When I am creating in AD on my MacBook Pro with 8 GB RAM, AD is slowing down and getting glitchy, choppy and has crashed once lately.

As I am doing lots of illustration work, would having a computer with more RAM enable AD to NOT slow down?

I see that my system requirements meet what is listed but I do not what AD to have these issues when I am working.

Do you have any thoughts about optimizing the way I am using AD and or have any thoughts about what hardware is best for professional grade work?

Thank you!

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Just a few ideas:

Close everything else ... (especially browsers, because they need a LOT of resources). If you need the internet, use an iPad and Airdrop content to the MBP. Look at the activity monitor what else uses RAM. Many little gadgets installed in the menu bar, etc. ?! My MBP is eating 12GB of RAM while not really working - just a few open programs. Some I could kill to make room in the 1GB-range, but if I go down the list, there are a lot of little helpers, and each uses 25MB here, 15MB there. I have 32GB in total, so no issue here.

Does your MBP run Metal ? This should be enabled in the AD settings.

You don't tell about your config, so no idea what drive is running in your MBP. When it slows because RAM is full, AD starts to move things to the SSD. So make sure that it is not cluttered. Enable iCloud, get an iCloud upgrade, move stuff there.

If you have a lot of layers, you can use "Promote group to a layer" to simplify the project. If this does not help right away, save, close and reopen AD. Downside: You can't redesign the former parts of the group individually, because the have been "welded" together. So maybe save a copy of your project first, to be able to copy the group later if you need to go back.

What might help could be an external GPU instead of a new Mac. Metal makes use of all graphics resources, so it would use an external GPU fully to support AD. An EGPU only makes sense if you operate it on a Thunderbolt 3-connection.

But in general, 8GB of RAM is probably what kills performance, and can only be healed by more RAM.

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