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I am trying to replace PhotoShop with Affinity and would love to be able to utilize the same programs as plug-ins in Affinity. Is there any list of what does work, and what will be working within Affinity?


I have up-graded to Yosemite from Lion on my MAC Mini, so ther are a lot of things I need to upgrade and up-date and I am hoping Affinity is one of them.


Michael McGuire, Atlanta GA

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Hi MichaelDMcG,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Currently only a few plug-ins work. There isn't an official list yet.

This is a subject that was already discussed in several threads and turned up to be more tricky than we expected due to Mac App Store sandbox restrictions, plug-in developers support in this launch phase etc.

We are working to improve this situation and things should get better as we move forward.

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