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Line breaking to early in text box

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I was able to fix it by creating new text boxes and retyping the text.


In this process I found a new problem. When I linked the new text box to the previous text box, the font size of the text that had been in the new text box got super sized. I had to manually correct the size and spacing. As I did this, more text flowed up from box 2 to box 1. Every time, the text that had been in box 2 got very large.


I have had this problem before too where it got very small instead of large. Totally baffling.

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 9.21.59 AM.png


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Thanks for the files. Please be aware that you've actually posted in the Designer forum and not the Publisher forum - I will move the posts over.

The original issue you mentioned isn't a bug, but is happening because that paragraph of text has quite a large right indent set which is pushing the text onto a new line. See my image below - you can see the indent on the text ruler, as well as the value of it in the Paragraph Panel.


With regards to the text changing size - this is a known issue that is with development and it happens when a text frame is scaled using the outer scale handle on the bottom right. The idea of this handle is to scale the text up so it maintains the same area, but unfortunately does cause issues when text is then flowed into that frame. See my video below that helps describe it. Your best bet is probably to stick with the inside handle to resize the frame and avoid the scale text frame handle and you shouldn't encounter this then. :) 

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