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I am trying to use the “Color Picker Tool” in order to make a mask of a specific part of an image. When I select a sample and then adjust the Tolerance slider to include all of the desired tints I also end up having much more area in the mask than I want (from other parts of the image). For example, in the attached image I selected the green background and increased the Tolerance slider to 35% in order to include most of the background (there is still a small spot to the left of the beak that was not included).  As you can see the bird (and a bunch of other stuff) is now included in the mask.

How would I go about deselecting the extraneous areas? 


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Hello Big_Stan,

In this particular case I suggest you try the Selection Brsh tool. With a large Brush for the large green background parts and a small or even smaller brush for the small green background part. IMHO that is a better approach then un-selection a large amount of parts of the image as you did show in the first post... 

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I tried your suggestion and it works.  However, I was trying to mask based on color. In my Photoshop days I used Imagenonic Noiseware to selectively apply denoise to a specific part (color) of an image.  According to Imagenonic, Noiseware will not work correctly with any other product than PS.  My goal is the create a “backdoor” that will replicate the color selection capability in AP.

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