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Hi, I hope this one is no duplicate but I could not find anything like this one.

I would really love to use AD on software projects with multiple designers, but to this day I could not find any pragmatical way to simultaneously work on e.g. UI designs with more than one designer.

The limitation is that only one person can work on an .afdesign file at a time, otherwise there would be file conflicts (if for example the afdesign file is stored in a synced cloud service like dropbox).

Since the .afdesign file is binary (not in a text based format like e.g. json or xml), we also cannot use git for example to somehow try to merge conflicting versions of the .afdesign file. Maybe I totally miss something here, but so far I believe there is no pragmatical way to collaborate with multiple designers on a single .afdesign project file, and I would love to see changes regarding this topic :) For me it would be worth to purchase another license if this feature set would be introduced in AD v2 or something :)

Please keep on your great work!

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