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Why wont my visa card work

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I put in my visa card information correctly, I have money on my account and I get this screen repeatedly.  There is no problem with my card and I dont have pay pal or credit. Only my debit card. So the problem is on your end. Please fix this issue. This is my first time interacting with this company and its products.led.jpg.png.9acbc821fd686266ee9e451826e5f1c4.png

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@Trav p

Welcome to the Affinity forums.

Since the error message clearly states "Your payment has been declined by your payment provider", how can you be so sure the problem is with Affinity???

However, I believe others have experienced this problem when using Debit, rather than Credit cards, especially if the owner of the card is not in the UK, where Serif/Affinity are based.  I am sure one of the Serif Customer Support staff will see your post and respond after the weekend.



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  • Staff
Hi @Trav p,
We have been unable to replicate the issue you have reported and there have been successful orders placed through our site since you contacted us.
We can attempt to place the order for you manually if you like (if so, please contact affinity@serif.com), alternatively should wish to try a few things to get the payment through online, here's some advice that may help.
As legally required in the EU, our payment portal uses 3D Secure for all transactions, this is not compulsory in all other regions so it may be that your card cannot purchase through portals that use 3D Secure, or your bank is not yet setup to accept payments that use 3D Secure. As this is not something we have any control over, you will need to discuss this with your bank.
If you have purchased using a 3D Secure payment portal in the past and you know that it is not the above that is affecting the order, please ensure that your web browser and anti-virus software is up to date, also check that there aren't any browser plugins that may be preventing the security window appearing or try a different browser entirely. Finally check that your firewall is not blocking any part of the payment process.

Any spelling or grammatical errors found in the above post are deliberate and included to boost the self-esteem of those who spot them.

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