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Pixelated visuals when editing the document on a retina screen?

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Hey there, first of all I would like to compliment the Affinity team for such a fantastic work on the user interface of both of the apps. They're really beautiful and feel really native and modern. A lot of little details make them a joy to work with.


I have one question though, and it's related to the one thing that has bothered me a bit: I have a Retina MBP, and on both Affinity Photo and Designer, as I'm painting, moving objects around or typing, I get these "pixelated"/non-retina visuals that stay on for like half a second, before the normal "retina" graphics come back.


My understanding is that this is some sort of optimization to make the interface more responsive and real time as you edit the document. Is that correct?


If so, is it possible to disable this optimization entirely? I found it to be really distracting, and I'd rather have the document update be a little slower than have the whole viewport switch between retina/non-retina graphics constantly.


Note: I'm currently on El Capitan Beta, so I had to install the Affinity Photo and Designer Betas. This could also be an issue with the betas/something that is not on the release versions... In that case should I report a bug?


I can provide a screen capture if you can't reproduce this issue.



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Hi Coreh,


Welcome to the Forums :)


Please could you provide a screen capture of your issue so I may investigate this further?



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Hi coreh,


There's no need for a screen capture - I know exactly what you mean from the description and you're right that it's a deliberate thing that we introduced to help keep the screen redraw as live as possible - it *could* be disabled (it's actually running off a flag that is permanently set to true at the moment so we could expose this as a user-selectable option) and I will investigate this, but on complicated documents it may have quite a detrimental effect...


Interestingly, there is one optimisation I've been meaning to make and that would make the 2-pass strategy less jarring to you (hopefully basically invisible), so I might introduce that and see if it works for you first (as it would definitely benefit everyone)


Thanks again,


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