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Hi abra100pro,

Thanks for the afdesign file - there is definitely something odd going on and it looks like it could be something to do with the Layer 1 the map is inside - the same happens with a new object. However if you remove the map from that Layer then it will group ok, as well as when you delete the left artboard as you say!

I'll get this passed on to development to see what could be causing it!

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Not that it's a great help but for every mm the second artboard is offset from the first artboard in both axes, the nested graphic, regardless of what it is, is negatively offset by a factor of 10.948810 (or 10.94880973975937 to be more precise) in both the X and Y axes less the X/Y offset of the same graphic on the second artboard itself.

Taking the sample file, the second artboard is positioned at 1,112.151994 mm on the X axis and the map graphic is positioned at 253.965999 mm on the X axis in relation to the second artboard itself. When the map and the non nested underlying rounded rectangle are grouped, the map is now positioned at minus 12,176.740584 mm

Which equates to X = ((1,112.151994 mm x 10.948810) - 253.965999 mm) or an X position of minus 11,922.774874 mm

If the second artboard sits directly on top of the first, then grouping the two items works as expected but offset the second artboard by any value in either or both axes and when the nested map is grouped with the underlying, non nested graphic, the X/Y offset factor is always the same, i.e. 10.948810 in both axes.

Move the second artboard further to the right and then group the map and the underlying non nested rounded rectangle and the map is offset negatively even further but still by the same factor.

It seems to be related to the map being nested, if you move the underlying rounded rectangle so it appears as part of the same nested group as the map then grouping the two together works as expected regardless of the position of the second artboard.

Affinity Photo 1.7.3, Affinity Designer 1.7.3, Affinity Publisher 1.7.3

MacBook Pro 16GB, macOS Mojave 10.14.6

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