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new view on second display shows content and rulers upside down

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System is Windows 10 with latest updates, runing a NVIDIA Quadro P4000 with driver version 431.94. The second display is set to the left side (Windows Settings -> Display: Monitor 2, left hand).


i opened a new view of the same Publisher document and undock / move the window to a second display. I maximize the program window (standard upper right corner icon, window maximize) to fill the second display fullscreen. So far so good - nice feature 🙂



1a) After changing to the Windows Desktop (WINDOWS + D, all Publisher App Windows hidden) and returning to Publisher the window on the second display show all layout pages upside down. Even the rulers / coordinate origin is fliped ! I verified this by creating a third view of the same document and also undocked it and move it to the second display. This 3rd view also shows it's content and rulers upside down.

1b) After bringing the Publisher window to front on the second display the view does not show any layout pages. No view zoom shortcut will bring any layout page into view. Even doubleclicking on a layout page icon in the page-palette will not bring any page into view on the second display.

The only way to show a layout page again in this second window is to minimize the window (no longer fullscreen). But, as mentioned in 1a) the view then shows the pages / rulers upside down. When checking the layout pages in the main display (Windows Monitor one) the layout page is intact and not fliped. So this might be an open GL error ?

2020-08-19-bug-publisher-neue-ansicht-2-monitor-auf-dem-kopf-002.jpg.e5ae1cbaf4aafc50fc6cacf101b98760.jpg      2020-08-19-bug-publisher-neue-ansicht-2-monitor-auf-dem-kopf-001.jpg.2fb50dc31b934166c2d98417da121ed7.jpg

If i minimize the second window and dock it again into the main Publisher layout window (now 2 Tabs docked into the Publisher main window) the false view flips and now shows the correct orientation again.


These errors always occur when hiding/showing (toggle to Desktop and back again) the Publisher Windows via WINDOWS + D shortcut.


2) Another way to fix the empty view in the second display is, to explicitly focus the second window via the window icon in the Windows Taskbar. Then the window content ist restored immediately in the correct orientation.



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On 8/20/2020 at 3:22 PM, Jon P said:

Can you clarify if this happens on a new document?


unfortunately the error doesn't occur again completely in the manner described above (restarted my computer several times since then). Neither with the complex tall document (see above) nor with a new document (simple landscape fullhd).

error 1) At a second glance i saw in my screenshots that the document/rulers weren't fliped (vertically mirrored) but rotated by 180 degrees. So there might be an unintended interference with the publisher function view -> rotate left/right ? This error does not show up again. So i could not do further tests on this.


error 2) The other part of the described behaviour stil shows up. After hiding all publisher windows via shortcut WINDOWS + D and returning back from the Windows Desktop with WINDOWS + D (toggle), the view in the second display shows an empty window. No rulers, no layout pages. Only the standard window title (programm icon + doc title) AND the publisher footer control bar (pages, tool context info, ...).

To get any contents back into view on the second display i have to either minimize the program window there or focus this window via the Windows taskbar button.


Further tests show this interesting point:

The error 2) only appears when the programm window in display 2 is maximized!

If the window in display 2 is not maximized when switching to the Windows Desktop and back again, the window will immediately show up correct. Even with the shortcut WINDOWS + D.

As soon as i maximize the window again the error 2) occurs again. I can reproduce this with new publisher views or the same views several times by switching from maximzed to non maximized state.

So the window maximze state is part of the problem in combination with my 2 display windows setup ?


Here are my Windows display settings. The second display (left hand 2 ) has a smaller resolution:



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Window 10 Pro 1909, Affinity Publisher 18.5.703

Hi @Jon P , @4dimage

I have the same issue. I can reproduce it with both a new and an existing document. I have the Publisher main window on my secondary display and document on the primary display (only a single view).

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start Affinity Publisher, move the "Publisher Main Window" to secondary display and open a document (or create an new one)
  2. Drag the "Document Tab" to the primary display - this creates a "Document Window" an the primary display.
  3. Maximize the "Document Window"
  4. Minimize the "Publisher main Window" (either with Windows+D or by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner)
  5. Click on the Publisher Icon in the task bar
  6. both the "Publisher Main Window" and the "Document Window" are shown again
  7. either immediately or after the first action (which can be just moving the mouse) the "Document Window" content vanishes.
  8. double click in the "Pages Panel" to go to a page --> nothing happens but the zoom factor is set to a very small value (in my case 5.5%)
  9. restore the "Document Windows" by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner
  10. now the rulers are shown - the pages are rotated by 180° (and displayed with a zoom factor of 5.5%)

A workaround is to restore the size of the "Document Window" immediately after Step 6 (by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner) and maximize it again.

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I get the vanishing part and it occurs on both primary or secondary monitors and vice versa.
To make the content re-appear; drag the title bar so it resizes the window slightly ,afterwards make it full screen again
The flipping content I don't get on publisher 1.8.5 / win 10(2004)

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