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HTML export/import is required please.

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I heavily need this feature for book interior formatting. Can you please try to implement a feature to import/export the content of a text frame (or all of them) into an html document. It just needs to export the text as is with assigning html tags to each paragraph/character style. For example:

Paragraph style: title > <h1 class="title">

Paragraph style: Chapter title →  <h1>

Paragraph style: Sub-chapter →  <h2>

Paragraph style: Body-text →  <p>

Paragraph style: 1st-paragraph →  <p class="1st-p">

Character style: emphasis →  <emphasis>

Character style: list-item-title →  <span = class"l-i-t">

And also to ability to ignore certain styles is useful. Like:

Paragraph style: page-number →  ignore
Paragraph style: Header →  ignore

If you can implement exporting, I think importing HTML is also possible which is equally important. Many writers will want to reedit some of the text before publishing once or twice. Having HTML as the base ground will ease the work because all styles, and hence formatting are saved independently. We can't really work with word since it's a mess to export to HTML and most authors will apply local editing instead of using paragraph/character styles.

BTW, copy-pasting the text from publisher to any word processor will remove all formatting and extra lines between the paragraphs.

Nowadays, almost all writers publish for the web and print-on-demand. Since Affinity Publisher doesn't support export/support to ePub or html, we have to format the book twice. Which is so annoying and time consuming, especially for revisiting.

You can also try to export to import/export the style properties to and from CSS. It will be helpful for the authors who can't work with HTML.

I'm not sure, but in my opinion, this should be a fairly easy task. It's just remapping the styles to the specific tags, and if you guys can do it with Microsoft word, I don't see why you can't do it with HTML which has a simpler code. Unless you are waiting to release this for the 2.? version of the software to give the users enough reason to update. At least implement it by then.


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10 hours ago, toutou123 said:

copy-pasting the text from publisher to any word processor will remove all formatting and extra lines between the paragraphs.

Interesting...  I just checked this against Nisus Writer Pro, Mellel and Pages, and for all three of them, the basic character formatting (bold, italic) comes across, as do bullets, but alignment (center vs. left) and indeed spacing between paragraphs is lost.

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On 6/26/2021 at 12:16 AM, dotHTM said:

I would love to integrate either HTML or Markdown syntax for interior formatting of Data Merge documents.

I agree.

There are many options like HTML or Markdown but I prefer HTML, in addition XML. It is flexible and common and is a great foundation for ebook publishing like epub files. But for Data Merge XML would be the best choice I think.

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