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Keyboard Shortcuts Stopped Working - AGAIN

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After the latest update (1.8.4), my keyboard shortcuts have stopped working. This happened after I updated to 1.8.3 as well. Why does updating Affinity Designer cause this? For reference:

1) I'll open the program. Things will appear to be normal: no unusual messages, nothing on (or off) that shouldn't be, etc.

2) keyboard shortcuts will either a) work for a few minutes, or b) not work at all.

3) I close and reopen the program. Repeat 1-2. 

I love Affinity, but this is driving me NUTS, and costing valuable time! 

I do not use any custom shortcuts, just what Affinity came with. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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September update: STILL seeing this issue. I've tried restarting, closing other programs... What the heck?!

I've done some testing, and shortcuts definitely aren't working. Copy-Paste inside the program, however, seems to work. For example:

tapping V doesn't default to the select tool. If I want to use the same color, however, I can copy the color code using Ctrl+C, and paste it using Ctrl+V. 

It appears not to be a problem with a function, or with Affinity running, but something turning off Affinity-specific shortcuts. :/ 

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I have not experience short-cuts not working when I start any of the Affinity-programs, but I have on more occasions seen that they stop working at some point, after which I have to restart the program again to have them working. So far I have not been able to see what is causing them to stop working.

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