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Unsharp mask - Random radius applied

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I had an issue when upgrading to 1.8.2 with unsharp masks applied on images. This has been fixed but something else seems to be broken now. And I did not notice it when sending PDF for print unfortunately... All my images have an unsharp mask layer applied. I was using a radius of 1.2px and a factor of 0.5. Opening my files now, meaning they've gone through version 1.8.2 and now 1.8.3, the radius setting is totally random and up to the roof. Some at 12.2px, some at 40.1px, some at 62.3px! Even worse, entering the radius manually does not behave as expected: entering 1.2px gets recorded as 1.3px. Closing the filter setting dialog and reopening it, it jumps to 1.5px; closing and opening a second time, 1.7px and so on.

Couple of questions:

  • is this a known issue? How can I fix it and get a consistent behavior?
  • is there a way to alter all filters? I've got 10 magazines to go through now; hundreds of pages and images

The simple test file attached is exhibiting the behavior I just described: the radius is going up every time I open the filter dialog.


Thanks for you help!

unsharp mask test.afpub

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14 hours ago, jphthierry said:

The simple test file attached is exhibiting the behavior I just described: the radius is going up every time I open the filter dialog.

That is indeed very strange and disturbing. Does it occur to you only with documents created before 1.8.4.?

With this file I get the issue in APub, APub photo persona and APhoto, too.

– The slider is visibly moving after the options window has opened.
– The amount of its increase is relative to the current, starting value.
– When I move the slider I do see it moving further as soon I release the mouse button.
– When moving the slider to the far end directly after opening this file then its value is 111,12 – instead of 100 as usual.

– Copy/paste this filter layer into a new 1.8.4 document shows the issue, too.
– ... while a live filter "Unsharp Mask" added to a new 1.8.4. document doesn't behave this way to me.

macOS 10.14.6, MacBookPro Retina 15" + Eizo 27"

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I did copy the unsharp mask layer from an old document created in 1.8.2 (or 3, not 100% sure). I just created a new file in 1.8.4, added an unsharp mask on an image frame and it behaves as expected. Inserting a second image frame from my assets (meaning created in an older version of Publisher), same erratic behavior. File attached in case it helps troubleshooting.

Recreating filters in the new version is a workaround but a heck of a job (existing assets, templates and publisher files to be reworked one by one)

test file created in 1.8.4.afpub

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