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In short:
I work on Windows 7 Pro with Affinity Photo 1.8.3

I am proposed to update to the new version 1.8.4;
as the other times I have performed the whole procedure, I download the file and run it, the usual update window comes out and after a while everything ends with 'Update completed correctly'.

I open the program and the file I was working on; I have to make a selection, I take the Selection Brush tool (W) and I start but instead of following the object the selection goes on its own and despite my efforts the problem has not been solved.
I use the Pen Tool (P) to solve but, as soon as I clicked on the image, blue lines started in all the uncontrolled and uncontrollable directions;
maybe I said to myself on the image there is something that causes these malfunctions, I take the Zoom Tool (Z) and drag to enlarge but it happened that the image enlarged and shrunk in meaningless shots going from poster format to stamp format.
I close the image and the program, I reopen it and try to work with the Clone Brush Tool (S) but as soon as I click on the image the program freezes irreversibly so much that it forces me to turn off the PC.

Having urgency to work, I started a backup of the system and Acronis has restored my 1.8.3 which works satisfactorily.
Previous updates had always worked perfectly.

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12 minutes ago, foto-grafic said:

@Mark Ingram

Yes, I use the pen with Wacom tablet,
for the rest I don't know what to answer except that since I use AP I have never had problems until 1..8.3

Thanks Mark for your attention ...

If you open the Wacom Properties app, it will tell you.

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@Mark Ingram

Finished the work I had in progress, I again updated AP to version 1.8.4;
I try again to see if something has changed but, usually disaster with the tools that act as if they had a life of their own.
So, once the program is closed, all I have done is open the Properties Panel (right click on the link) and added as suggested --legacy-wintab to the Affinity Photo startup path; OK and the program has started.

Everything now seems to be working fine, thanks again @Mark Ingram for the resolving advice... problems solved!

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