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Once again back to the free Gimp for seamless textures. as well as edge detect. Both suck in AP and AD. affine is too convoluted. Too many steps for a good result. in Gimp one click( maybe two) and you have a seamless texture. the edge detect has some choices unlike the bare minimum in AD AP. Come on guys you can't do better than the free gimp why not check their filters (code).

Rant over returning you to your other posts.

Mac MacBook Pro 15 in.  OS X 10.9.5, Mid 2012 456.77 GB Affinity Design and Photo.

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Me too.  GIMP 2.8 for Mac knocks this out of the park.  Sometimes you need to work extra to handle highlights and shadows (Duplicate image layer, then Blur...Gaussian Blur...20-40 is good, then Color...Invert, then Color...Desaturate, then apply as Overlay in Layers (and play with Opaqueness to desire), then Flatten, then make Seamless).  However, 75% of the time, the Filter...Map...Make Seamless works miracles.  It would be very nice if this level of filter automation appeared in Affinity Photo!



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