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AP not working anymore after trying to open a psd file

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Hey guys

I've got a huge problem here:

I wanted To edit a photo for my bachelor thesis.

I used the picture before in some other context and wanted To change some text there...

I opened the .psd file with affinity photo but this didnt work for me

AP only showed a white rectangle and i could not click any options from the menu or quit AP.

I had To force quit via the activity Monitor program..

So i wanted To start with the original picture and opened the .PNG file with AP

But TH Same thing came up... AP only shows a small white rectangle and i cant do anything...

With the activity Monitor i recognized that AP also uses nearly 100% CPU!?


Now i cant open any other file and work with AP how can i reset the application without reinstalling?

Is there any other Solution?


Thanks for your help

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