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When placing objects with snapping enabled, you are often presented with a large amount of green snapping lines that can quickly become confusing and rather unhelpful when you don't know which object those snapping lines are based off of (is it the page geometry? the object below the one being moved?). I propose a couple of tools that would potentially make the snapping process more intuitive and helpful. 

Firstly, it would be very helpful if the object who's geometry was being 'snapped onto' was highlighted in some way - perhaps with a glowing purple border? This would be very useful in situations where there are a large number of shapes on the page that may be producing snapping guides. Alternatively it would be useful to simply specify in advance of placing an object which other object you want it to snap to, perhaps by holding your mouse on the snap button, and dragging it to the snapping object in question which would then glow purple until the other object had been placed.

The second suggestion I have is a dedicated 'snapping guide construction' mode, in which you could draw geometric shapes in advance of laying down your page that are predefined as being the only ones onto which objects will snap - therefore giving much more control over the snapping process. When constructing these 'snapping guide objects' you could have some helpful geometric tools such as ones that divide your shape perfectly into two or three equally sized pieces, or bisect angles. This snapping grid system that you had constructed could then appear as a faintly visible overlay when laying out your page.

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