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Christian Luidolt

Text - Show Typography - Positional Alternatives

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Affinity Designer on Windows 10

  • create a simple artistic text, e.g. "ss 123"
  • select the whole text
  • set font to Dancing Script (free download: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Dancing+Script )
  • open he Typography panel (Text - show Typography)
  • the "Positional Alternatives"  group is only shown when "Hide irrelevant Features" is selected (see screenshots)

In my option if "Hide irrelevant Features" is not selected, all font features should be shown.

I learned that Positional Attributes should only be used for Arabic text. I was able to reproduce the issue using an Arabic text and the font "Noto Sans Arabic".

The issue can also be reproduced with Affinity Publisher and Affinity Publisher Beta


hide irrelevant features.jpg

show irrelevant features.jpg

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15 minutes ago, Christian Luidolt said:

@LibreTraining thank you for the link to the other thread, my search in the form did not return this thread 😞

You're welcome. Yes, it is sometimes hard to find related stuff.
There was another post regarding this issue - and I could not find it again.
I was also going to add it to my post above, but no luck finding it.

There are a few other OpenType issues where some features and the Typography panel are not yet working 100%.
But at least now you know how to work around this one. 😎

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2 hours ago, Christian Luidolt said:

But I found no response from Affinity staff in this thread.

The Affinity folks have said that they are working on a solution for the Glyph Browser issues with big swash fonts (in some other threads about the same issue).

Regarding the Positional Attributes issue in the Typography panel, the thread I linked above is the first time I have seen a response. And getting their attention and getting it logged is a step towards getting it solved. They seem to be working hard getting stuff fixed so I am hopeful. 🙂

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