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Items display wrong fill colour when grouped/ungrouped

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In Publisher, I have two vector items grouped together. Each has different colour specs. If I select that group using the Move Tool, the Colour panel will (strangely) display the colour of one of those items as if the same colour applies to both.

For example, this group includes items with these colours:

Item 1
- vector with a stroke
- stroke colour: C6 M5 Y5 K0

Item 2
- vector as knockout (no colour)
- stroke/fill colours: C0 M0 Y0 K0

If I select the grouping of these two items, the Colour palette says:

C 6
M 5
Y 5
K 0

Instead of the specs above, the Colour palette should be displaying dashes, like this...

C --
M --
Y --
K --

...otherwise, confusion ensues, and time is wasted trying to determine whether multiple objects have had the same colour erroneously applied to all of them, or whether the problem is only the Colour palette info and nothing more.

But wait, it gets worse.

I just clicked the aforementioned grouping a second time, and the Colour palette now says...

C 72
M 68
Y 67
K 88

...even though I did not change anything, anywhere in the document.

Furthermore, if I Ungroup the group, and then click both items individually, the first one I click will continue to incorrectly display the same colour noted above (72, 68, 67, 88). But then, if I select the other item, its correct colour will suddenly display. And then... if I go back to the second item and click it, its colour will finally — finally — display correctly.

Having gone through this tedious, time-wasting exercise, I am sincerely wondering how much testing was done internally by Serif before putting this software up for sale for customers such as myself to buy. I feel as though *I* am the one doing the testing here.

Time to move on and try to get some work done.

Side note: Due to the type of confusion with the Colour palette functionality (as described above), this post was edited from one that described the Colour palette problem in a different way.

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The confusion generated by the Colour palette

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Perhaps this is similar to my experience. As I was working with several objects of different colors, the color palette (fill circle and sliders) indicated the color of the object I had selected as expected. But whenever I "clicked off" of everything (meaning I had no object selected) the color palette seemed to contain an arbitrary color mix. What was actually happening, was the color palette showed the last color that had been set using the palette (including the eyedropper). I had done so much other work, I had forgotten the last color I had mixed, so it seemed arbitrary, but was behaving as I assume is intended.

However, I do agree that when multiple objects of different colors are selected, the color palette shows confusing results…
- Selecting an object, holding Shift, clicking more objects to add to the selection = the color palette shows the color of the first object selected.
- Dragging to select multiple, ungrouped objects = the color palette shows the color of the left-most object.
- Using Command-A to select all objects =  the color palette shows the last color set by the palette.
- A grouped set of objects is selected = color palette conflicts itself by having the fill circle show red slash "no color selected" but the sliders show last color set by the palette.

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