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Photo and Designer seizing up

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HI folks


have been loving Affinity Photo and Designer… but now have an issue that is making it literally impossible to use either app.


MacBook Air 2012 13" max'd out

running latest El Capitan public beta

latest Affinity apps… and just deleted them and re-downloaded… using in full-screen mode


The issue…



when I open Designer it loads fully to the splash screen… I click the "close" button on the bottom right of this… system alert sound every time it is clicked… eventually an empty white dialog box appears on the top of the splash screen and wherever I click I get the system alert sound… all menus can be pulled down but every thing is dimmed/un-selectable… even Quit… only way out is to force quit the app… this happens EVERY time.



this one does very similar things except at the start one can close the splash screen and open an image and choose various things… but eventually the empty white dialog box appears and the rest is the same.


Occasionally when I go to the desktop, before the white box appears in the Affinity app, it is on the desktop but when I return to the stalled Affinity app the white box is then there.


so… at the moment I am screwed… which is a pity as I REALLY like the apps!!


cheers from Down Under




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Hi Trevor, 

if you are using the app store versions of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, you are most likely suffering from issues with the El Capitan Beta … for more information please have a look at these posts:



The latest Betas of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo include a fix for these issues, and this fix will be added to the next app store update. In the mean time you can use the Betas to continue your work …


Hope that helps,

Alex  :)

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