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Dirty exported image

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Anti-aliasing still appears on horizontal and vertical lines in the 2x and 3x exported PNG versions even though they don't show up in the canvas / preview.


Affinity Designer Screenshot:



Resulting export – notice the faint grey shadows above and to the top-left of the pillar on the right:



Affinity Designer version: 1.3.2


Original files attached.




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Hi adib,

Thanks for the file. This is not a bug. The pillars are not aligned with the pixel grid. The "dirty" areas correspond exactly where they don't match.

I've placed the pillars aligned (in brown) over the original ones (in yellow) over a brown background so you can see the misalignment (check image below). Those are the areas where the "dirt" appears when you export the file. To avoid this make sure you have Snap to grid and Force pixel alignment checked in the View ▹ Snapping Manager... dialog.




If you export the aligned layer (in the attached .afdesign file), there's no dirty pixels. 


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