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PDF import creates very thin, grey lines / stripes

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Importing a PDF from InDesign with shadows around text creates a very think line / box around the shadowed text -- at first I thought it was just an issue with my screen or the display, but the lines turn up in print as well. Please see the attached screenshot.

A bit of investigation showed me that the text shadow consists of a dark grey rectangle and a mask that covers all but the shadowy part (bit like an inverse / negative shadow) -- the thin lines in the document are the borders of this dark grey rectangle (see attached screenshot, all THREE objects are part of the shadow).

I can upload the file confidentially if you want to investigate, but cannot post it here.

Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 09.43.59.png

Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 09.51.52.png

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Thanks for your link Gabe and thank you, Joachim, for checking if it's just this file or a general issue.

In any case, I have provided the two files in case you need something to "play" with.
The issue occurs on ALL shadows on this page (text, logo and images). The original file has been created in InDesign 15.x on MacOS.

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You do not indicate the type of pdf you exporting with from indesign, the behavior might be different depending the standard you are using.

If you export from indesign as a PDF/X4:2010 standard (which is the standard I generally use for production), I confirm those same thin lines issue when importing.
however, if you export from indesign as a PDF/X3:2003 standard, those lines disappear in Affinity Designer (while you can still see them appearing while zooming after import).

I believe this is because PDF/X3 flatten all transparency, so it might be a solution to export from indesign in PDF/X3 until this issue is fixed.
Maybe some users can confirm — or not — this workaround...


PS: Attached two different pdf from indesign CS6 (MacOX 10.11  / Designer 1.8.3)


export_test_pdfX3.pdf export_test_pdfX4.pdf

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