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[Fixed] Grouped Path Selection

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I try to use inset stroke and then Expand Stroke in order to offset an object, but...

If I want to delete the out side path, I have to select all of nodes?

Please tell me the better way to do offset path or about selecting grouped path.

I also tried to find Release Compound Path to solve the problem but I can't found it.


(you can see attached file below)


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Layer ▹ Geometry ▹ Divide to separate the compound path.

It woks, thank you MEB.  :D


but I just wonder that, is it the same menus with the Operations Menus on toolbar which cannot interact?


(Attached files below)



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Hi predict,

Yes, the Layer ▹ Geometry commands on the menu correspond to the boolean operations icons on the toolbar.

If you are wondering why the Divide icon isn't available in the toolbar too to separate a compound path, that's an oversight. I will raise this with the developers.

Thanks for pointing it out.

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