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Fussion tool. Is may be in a future an AD updating implementation,

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Hi friends,

I am doing a sort of close reviewing in comparative, between thenAI and the AD machines and I have been aware that many of the new AI Cloud that Adobe has done are already in the AD programme.I have seen too, that when viweing tutorials you realize that AI is not so fast as it may, due to the huge capacity of such application. And then....suddenly I have been aware that the fussion tool, or even the mesh tool is something that could be great to have in in AD. Not only because the new artistic and final capacity for gradientt resolution but for many other artistic and designing values,


I wish to ask wether you think that this sort of qualities are overvalued by the Adobe users, and can really be not indispensable for th creators. And I wish to know if there is some kind of implementation for the future tools of gradients creation in AD.


Thanks a lot.


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Hi Rosa,

I believe we will see more advanced tools like those as we move forward. Blends and the Mesh Warp/Perspective distortions tools are good examples. There's lot of room for improvement on a program like this. I think we are still building the foundations. Some areas are already quite good but there's still others lacking. The roadmap will give you an idea of the things you can expect in the following months but it doesn't list all features planned...

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i see.....not that I have not looked into that roadmap...and I am not a bit anxious about it. Just curious and with some expectancy.m

I am going through the roadmap again and have the information that I may have posted in other topic. Sorry for the redundancy. I thank you all of you for your help,and your good will. This is great news, indeed!!!!


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