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Scaling Guides/Slices with Resolution

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To me, this falls somewhere between bug and feature request, because it's not "wrong," per se.


But recently I was setting up a large document for exporting multiple formats of a logo design, with multiple slices carefully laid out and snapped to grid. I wanted to export RGB versions at 72 dpi in pixels, and then (hoped) to scale the document up to 300 dpi and export in CMYK.


However, doing this enlarged all design elements but left guides and slices the same size, very small, oriented to the top left corner. Re-sizing all of those guides and slices would probably take over an hour. :( It would be very nice if guides and slices also scaled (at least approximately) with resolution changes. I'll post a video of this later if it's helpful.

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HI smallreflection,

I believe this is one of those things that weren't implemented yet due to time constraints. 

I would expect it to work as you describe and I know the Export Persona will receive some improvements later to include previews, so It's probably a question of time until this gets addressed too.

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