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iOS: A more complete “hide interface” toggle?

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Could there be a way to more absolutely hide / show the interface in iOS Photo and Designer such that, while hidden, the interface would not re-appear unless the hide/show widget is clicked again?

No matter how the user draws, no matter how close to the edge the user gets, no matter what part of the hand touches any part of the screen.

IOW, the interface would stay hidden until and unless the User again taps the hide / show widget?


That kind of functionality could be very powerful for many people, I’d venture. Thank you!

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Note: touch is built-in to the iPad (unlike Wacom and other drawing-only tablets) and I don't think apps can exclude it completely (how would you change apps or go back to the Home screen on those iPads without a Home button?), so to draw while resting your hand on the screen, I find it works best to use a drawing glove with a thickened edge panel, such as Elecom or DokiWear. The single-layer stretch gloves still seem to let some touch through for me.

Apart from hand touch issues (which a glove can fix), doesn't this icon here do most of that already? Double-tap it to also hide the context-sensitive icons at the bottom of the screen and even then in some context they will appear (when you might need to refine a vector drawn with the pencil tool, for example).



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Ditto this question. I'm new at it, but find the here/gone/back/where are you? interface absolutely insane. I want to go into and stay full screen until I deliberately chosen to leave. I've set the preference to use the pencil and the fingers only for canvas move/expand, etc. Still, the program will jump to vector while I'm trying to work pixel. In fact I only work in pixel. Why would anyone set up an interface to instantaneously jump from one to the other? Can't imagine a huge need for that. The right studio bar pops up all the time and can only be put away by clicking the button noted above. Oddly my palm moving towards the rt bottom corner will cause the bar to appear, but I can't find anyway to wiggle that will make it go away. I like this program, but am real frustrated. I hope I'm not being told that I can't put my palm on the screen. 24 years of public education has ensured that I can't write/draw any other way. Oh, and I have searched about in the help (am not impressed with the quality of the help files) and can't find much. I've used other iOS programs that have a "palm protection" setting. Has Affinity.serif really not implemented this? Sorry to rant, but am increasingly frustrated with this program. I have all of this company's software and use two of them extensively - design and publisher. (OS X) So please help me out here. (Oh, and while I'm at it, the eyedropper in the color wheel doesn't pick up existing color no what I do. Was that intended?) Current iPad Air 3.0 and Apple Pencil. OS and Design programs are current.

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I have the UI reappear on occasion while two-finger tapping to Undo. It doesn't happen all of the time, but it drives me nuts because I must pause everything to hide the UI again.

What makes the UI appear other than touching that Hide UI button on the top right? I can find nothing about it in Affinity documentation or their videos.

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