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dynamic anchor to page number - request for the future

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I think it can be usefull:

Setting an anchor to an element (e.g. a picture) and insert on another page a hyperlink with just that anchor mark, which is showing the actual page number of the anchor mark dynamically.

As a workaround I have tried to insert an (hidden) anchor with mark "PageNumber" into it (e.g. on a pic on page 34), but the hyperlink (e.g. in the imprint on page 2) understands not the result (e.g. "34"), but the mark "page number" itself. So it is displaying on page 2: "2" instead of the wanted "34". Maybe there is trick (insert a special code & the mark), but I couldn't find such  ... ?!?

Example: Imprint page (S. XX are the page numbers of the pics inside the document, they are changing if more pages are inserted):


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Someone has posted a recipe how to realize what you want, but i couldn't find it, so in my own words:  You have to create two text frames, one containing the field found here:Text>Insert>Fields>Next Frame Page Number. The 2nd frame has to be linked to this one and can be placed anywhere in your document, best pinned to the object you want to reference. The 1st frame will then contain the page number where the 2nd frame is located.

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Thanks Andreas,

that trick is helpfull - at least for a single instance (but not practical for a long list, e.g. picture in imprint as shown above).

I got it in that way:

1. created a text frame on the page of the element, insert  field "page number", formated right-aligned (e.g. on page 139)

2. created a second frame and linked it to the first frame


3. decreased width of frame 1 to almost 0, pinned it on to the element. Frame 2 (containing the visible page number now) then can be moved to anywhere 

2.jpg.ec81a5d2c1cc658f59e9ac5a5be420a3.jpg     3.jpg.e06ec078623b9e106d8a6a74ab7bde0e.jpg

4. Frame 2 can be pinned on as well






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On 7/6/2020 at 7:38 PM, design punch said:

Thanks Andreas,

that trick is helpfull - at least for a single instance (but not practical for a long list, e.g. picture in imprint as shown above).






I agree, this is more some sort of workaround for the missing feature of cross references. Hopefully Serif will implement a working solution fast.

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