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Hello folks,

My name is Dennis. I created this pixelated self-portrait a few days ago. Started it in Dottable, a pixel-art app on a mobile phone, then traced it in Affinity Designer with the grid snap feature. Then I added a few grunge textures over masked areas, imported it into Affinity Photo, and finished it off with LUT filters and monochrome noise for a subtle paper-like feel.

I like how precisely the applications work together and that you can add pixel-based textures directly in Affinity Designer without having to change the application, it integrates very fluidly into the workflow. :12_slight_smile:

Anyway, I hope you like the result. :10_wink:
Dennis aka MrDoodlezz



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I played around with this old RAW file that I took two years ago at a fair called "DOM". It's a pretty blurry photo of a ride with a lot of bokeh - Affinity Photo can't really decipher much here, but I like the textures anyway. :13_upside_down:
Processing steps:
  1. increased contrast
  2. reduced noise
  3. added controlled noise
  4. added clarity
  5. I have also tried to recreate something like a frosted glass pane with various live filters.

Since the colours matched my personal colour scheme perfectly, I used the result as a Facebook banner. :5_smiley:


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Here's another design I created today.
It's some kind of stylized album cover named after a subway line in the city I live in.  :7_sweat_smile:


It is a combination of both worlds - vectors and pixels.

Haha, please don't judge me, but lately I like to put a noise filter on top of everything else … makes everything look more real, more organic. As if it were printed on really thick, fibrous, high-quality paper.


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 don’t judge me, but recently I really like to play

around with adding noise to about everything … :)

That's exactly how I feel, some pictures are screaming for text to be added, you know like the cherry-on-the-cake. It's even better when the artist in question, gives you their seal of approval. :D  :D  :D  They like to know how they've inspired others.



MacBook pro, 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB, OS X 10.11.6



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Shoot, I started working on this before I hit the record button, dammit. :7_sweat_smile:

Watch me apply digital hatching to some areas of my Red Riding Rebel illustration.

Red Riding Rebel is my approach for a modern Little Red Riding Hood with a martial arts background.

The Character is a part of my five-part series on "Grimm's Fairy Tale".



I have already discarded some elements and redesigned them. The burden of creativity. :4_joy:

Also someone has to tell me how I can embed videos on the site, because I just can't get it right. :37_disappointed:

Hope you enjoy. :)

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Oh, yeah! So this is one of my most recent designs, and I have to admit I'm pretty proud of it. :7_sweat_smile:

It's a big part - if not the entirety - of my graduation project, now a few weeks old.

The logo and characters were created entirely in Affinity Designer and then engraved into the varnish on the underside of a skateboard. In addition, backgrounds, mock-ups, and print items were created entirely in Affinity Photo.

But I urgently need Affinity Publisher for layouts of the print products. I want to say goodbye to Adobe completely and as soon as possible. I can't wait, ha! :71_smiling_imp:


Here is a small preview, please click on the picture to see the complete project in high quality on Bēhance! And feel free to leave a comment or like if you enjoy what you see. :6_smile:



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Okay … I'ma bit late with this one. But hey, there’s always »The Nightmare Before Christmas«, right? :10_wink: 

This illustration was created with both apps, Affinity Designer and Photo.

I used Frankentoons Texturizer brushes (they're awesome) and finished up with some additional textures and filters from the Google Nik Collection. I also limited my palette to four rather unusual base colours.


Let me know what you think. :12_slight_smile:


Oh, I forgot: here’s the sketch I was working on …


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