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A new color analysis tool I made =]

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Hi everyone, I am Aguaray, a designer-tool developer who likes design and coding. Recently I developed a color analysis tool “ColorTells” that analyzes the color and help designers understand the color of the artwork better.


As long as you upload an image, you can get an analysis result according to a special algorithm.


The area on the right is divided into three parts: a honey hive chart, a random main tones part, and a complete color palette. In the first chart, I decompile the most used colors in a picture and display them in a honeycomb-like chart. Just like the real color palette when drawing oil paintings. The percentage value of the main colors is displayed in a hive.


You can adjust the density of the color blocks of the honeycomb in preference settings. 


The second area is to generate 5 colors as you can shift any of them. This function seems common, but it is not that simple. This is the main reason why I make this software. In other tools or websites, as long as you upload an image, it will generate five FIXED colors( or another five colors that cannot be changed) This is what dissatisfies designers the most. Sometimes people like the main color, sometimes the color with the most special hue, and sometimes may the color with low saturation. These cannot be calculated by a fixed rule.


In this regard, I designed a random button that you can lock one or more and randomize the remaining colors until you are satisfied. All random colors are the main or outstanding colors selected from the picture you upload.You can also export the five main colors palette out.


In the third area, a complete swatch is generated from the picture in the order of proportion. Again, you can also adjust the number of color slots in the swatch according to your personal preference.



Regional Analysis: sometimes I encounter situations where I want to analyze only one part of the picture. This would be very troublesome if I need to edit the picture size. In ColorTells, however, you can click the lasso button on the upper left corner of the software to select an area and analyze the specific color.


Also, the analysis results for this specific area can also be exported as a swatch separately.


An excellent line draft requires practice, and the excellent color sense requires inspiration.

May Colortells bring more inspiration to all designers and Affinitiers. Hoping you have a wonderful rest of the week!

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2 minutes ago, blackstone said:

The Link is: https://colortells.io/

but the pricing is not....

There's a pricing link at the bottom of the page: https://colortells.io/pricing/

-- Walt

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6 minutes ago, blackstone said:

The Link is: https://colortells.io/

but the pricing is not....


Not interested in a subscription and it also doens't apear to support Affinity color palette exports from what the site suggests.


And this is also a non-starter for me:  Your device information is required to judge the validity of the device when it is activated and every time the software is opened after activation. If we cannot obtain your device information, the software cannot be activated, nor can it pass the authorized verification. There are several possible reasons why the device information cannot be acquired:

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1 hour ago, 78deluxe said:

Not interested in a subscription

Me neither, and even if I were it’s no use to me since it only works on a Mac.

Edit: My mistake. It’s also available for Windows.

I question whether a forum member’s very first post should be promoting a product that users would have to pay for.

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18 minutes ago, Alfred said:


I question whether a forum member’s very first post should be promoting a product that users would have to pay for.

Totally agree.

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