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I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but if you look at this image, you'll see that I increased the font size of items 20, 21, and 22 (it needs to be a large print book). Items 23 through 28 are the correct format, so I thought it would be okay to manually increase the size and then redefine the style. But when I did, it seems that Affinity Publisher added a tab stop between the the initial number and the description as well as between the description and the page number.

If you look at the second tab stop image, you will see the text ruler with no indication of where the new tab stop starts/ends.

Is there a reason for this? How do I remove it?

Thank you for your help in advance!



TOC Tab Stops.png

Tab stop 2.png

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8 hours ago, RenWaller said:

Attached is the file. Do you need the fonts also? Thank you!

DF_Don't_Fall_Book_copy.afpub 11.99 MB · 3 downloads

The file has one thing I find... unique.

Your ToC Paragraph Styles are Based on your ToC Character styles.

Also I find the Text Flow at the start to be (in my opinion and only my opinion) overly complex, meaning What is going on with page 2 and the loopback? Also (agin my opinion and only my opinion) I would never have the ToC in the main Text Flow. I would set up a Master page for it and have a separate Text frame not flowing into the rest of the book.

I have always just let the Application generate the ToC Styles and then Modify them only regarding Font and Spacing. I will look into this further later as it is getting on here.

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Mac OS 10.12.6 || Mac Pro (Late 2013) Mac OS 10.14.6

Affinity Designer 1.8.4 | Affinity Photo 1.8.4 | Affinity Publisher 1.8.4 | Affinity Designer Beta | Affinity Photo Beta | Affinity Publisher Beta

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It seems to be an issue with numbered lists. We managed to replicate it from scratch and logged it with our developers. You could edit TOC 1: Chapter Title > Bullets and numbering > Tabstop and set it to 0.3 inch which should shift everything ever so slightly to the right

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