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....how should the matte brush find edges when he paints in the white area only  ?  this is not funny,  seems he has no idea how to us it....     



i see differences between the ps and ap refine edges tool but both work great !  imho ps is better with hairs - sharper, better defined  but ap does better on regular edges  ( in most cases i use much lower border settings than the default 10% )  . when i do people cutouts i do it often in two steps with differents settings for hair and body.  

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hm, the selection brush does a real good job on this image..  


- for the black t shirt i use - uncheck matte -  smooth selection  1% - feather o,3%  shrink  -10 %


- add a mask from this refined selection


now to the hairs


- load selection again - refine edge - use a very small  matte brush and paint along the hair/ background edge in a few steps and as precise as possible 


now correct the mask by painting in/out white/black



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i have problem with Refine tool - this image is in refine tool - nice cut from red background. without red border.




this image shows how it looks after apply refine tool. showing red border. 



is this a bug? or i made it wrong?

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