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How do I add crop marks in Affinity Publisher?

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Hi, I'm trying to create sheets fit in a binder. My export doesn't include crop marks in the middle of the page, instead crop marks only appear at all 4 corners.

What do I do to include crop marks in the middle? I am very new to AP. I just downloaded today. Thank you for your help! 

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On 6/26/2020 at 4:32 AM, Fixx said:

Are you exporting as spreads? Would it not be better to export as pages as crop marks behave there right?

Ooo. I did indeed export as spreads. I could try to export as pages, but it will be individually show on per page. I'd like to see it as 2 'pages' on one page with crop marks at corners and middle. Do you have any suggestions? :) 

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If you need that kind of presentation you can always export as pages and reimport them to a larger layout... 

People usually do not need that kind of presentation. Crop marks are for press and spread view is for presentation. Different purpose and target group.

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I am trying to figure this out too. I am also wanting to print 2 per page with crop marks and have a middle crop mark.

Here's my process as reference for help. I set up my document size to the paper size I want them after cutting. I have the page amount divisible by 4, select booklet style, and add crop marks before printing to pdf. I know booklet style gives the assumption that I am folding the middle, but I get the same crop marks (edges only) when I simply export spread as pdf. I am hoping for a solution that doesn't involve making manual crop marks on a larger page. I would also prefer to keep them bumped up together in the center of the page versus having 2 separate pages with outer crop marks on a large page if possible. That is because one of the sizes I need would be A5 and I would like to have 2 A5 pages on an A4 page with a center crop mark only, but when I'm doing smaller pages I need both center and the outer edges. On InDesign when exporting spreads with crop marks it will automatically add a center crop mark. 

Thanks in advance for any advice! 

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