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Isometric Grid and Axis (Physical vs. Pixel)

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I'm still on that Learning Curve and voila!   I've come across another feature that is not well explained in Documentation, Help or out there on the Wild and Wooley Web.

When Presets for Isocmetric Grid and Axis Settings are Listed in  the Drop-down, certain Categories which show up in the Manage Presets Dialog do not show.  Further Investigation reveals that the Presets that do no show have exclusively, Presets that are Pixel, as opposed to Physical.  

I have tried like crazy to create a Pixel Preset, but they all turn out Physical.    And I cannot find out how to load a Pixel Preset into the Grid and Axis Manager Dialog.

In truth, at the present time, I haven't the foggiest what the difference is between Pixel and Physical Isometric Grids might be.

Please advise.

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Posted (edited)

Here's an update to this Thread which reflects something I found in digging across all three Affinity Applications.

I have found that the Pixel Type Grids are not accessible to Affinity Designer, but show up in the Grid and Axis Preset Manager Dialog, all the same.

Further, the Physical type Grids are not accessible to Affinity Photo or Affinity Publisher, but show up in the Grid Axis Preset Manager Dialog, all the same.

It does not seem to matter whether the Isometric Panel is Active r not.

If the Physical Grids were meant to be used by Affinity Designer, it is odd indeed, that they are not available to the Designer Persona in Affinity Publisher.

Have I uncovered a Bug?

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1 hour ago, GarryP said:

As far as I know, the Pixel Grids are only available when the document’s Units are set to Pixels, and visa versa with the Physical Grids.

Thank You!    That worked.    So the definition of Physical is any Document Unit that is NOT Pixels.   And of course, the definition of Pixels is Pixels.

So it's not a bug and my confusion is resolved.   

This little ditty ought to be documented somewhere.

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