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Affinity Photo - Layer upscale resampling

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Hey there.

My original question was about resampling layers. It stated:


"I may be something missing, but is there a way how to upscale layers while resampling them at the same time? I work with a large files (20 000 pixels) at the moment, create textures. It is handy to me to upscale some resource images I use inside those large files, those which details does not matter that much. And once I do that, I miss the details, though upscale and slightly "blurred".

Everything works OK when I upscale the original file. That offers several methods. 

But to me it is better to use textures within the once document. And upscale them inside it, combine them etc. -  for whatever particular use is. But when I scale it up several time as a layer - the resampling is missing. I see larger block of pixels and only the edge is somehow recounted and averaged." 


Yet after the "export" of the layer to the .jpg, the resampling works even the other way, with layers upscale. The only thing is I do not see it while I work. Compare:

  • left image is captured from AFP interface 
  • the right one is captured from export

So I alter my question:

Is there any way how to "preview" the export inside the interface?

I get the thing about non destructive transformation + CPU thing saving which probably leads to this kind of preview. But on the other hand it is pretty confusing to me and I feel it would be handy to switch to something like "final" preview. 

Thank you.


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On 6/22/2020 at 10:58 AM, hokic said:

Is there any way how to "preview" the export inside the interface?


We don't currently have an Export Preview.  But it's always best to view your design at 100% within Photo to see a true view of it.

It might also be worth checking what you have set in Preferences>Display>View Quality  


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On 7/7/2020 at 4:22 PM, stokerg said:

But it's always best to view your design at 100% within Photo to see a true view of it.


Well that is exactly what made me confused. Even the 100% (or higher) zoom does not show the accurate state of the file. Exactly as there is to be seen in the attached screenshot above.

At one point I get it, it makes the performance smoother (my preferences are set to best). At the other, it makes the user uncertain about the final outcome. And feeling of having things under control is one of the most important UX aspects. 

And one other thing. Once I rasterize such layer (been experimenting), for example some layer that has been pasted from another texture file and transformed (eg to 700% of previous size), there is no way to get the rid of such pixelation even in export. 

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