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Carl Sagan Series Rocket Launch (1)

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I like it!

It has a certain 1960s vibe going on which reminds me of my youth and goes quite well with a spacey/sciencey/explorationy theme.


The well-chosen colours and the simple style are perfectly matched and the text feels as if it is a principle part of the composition rather than solely an addition. The gradients are such that they appear more like textures - and that is a exceptional thing. The font is fitting both for the artwork and the theme.


I would say, “exceptionally well done” were it not for the fact that I am but an amateur/beginner (which would make my opinion of somewhat questionable value) and that I can clearly see that you are a professional; so, I will simply say, “Nice, I like it a lot!” - I swear that I could almost hear the unique echo of Carl Sagan's voice as I read the text.


I hope that you continue to share more of your work on this forum and that maybe you could even put together some tutorials to share with those of us here who would greatly benefit from them.

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Thanks JustWilliam! Glad you like it!


Peter, while not quite what you were suggesting, I just finished the 4th in the series and Carl Sagan does indeed make an appearance. I do think I'll try a version with the Dr Whoesque version you suggest!


Will post the other 3 posters soon.

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