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Hi @ricecrispies,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble and my apologies for the delayed response here!

I can confirm that using File>Please within a text object should allow you to place a docx file that contains images.

Can you please confirm for me:

  • Does this freeze happen in a blank, new Publisher document?
  • Does this happen no matter which docx file you import, or only a specific one?
  • How many images are within the docx file?

I'd also like to request a copy of the docx file you're placing into Publisher, can you please upload this to the following link for me and let me know once this has been completed?


Many thanks in advance!

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It turns out it is just files created in one particular way that are causing the problem, and that images don't seem to be the issue.

I use WPS Office, so I guess it is possible that there may be differences in the docx files that it creates compared to MS Word, but (unlike with LibreOffice) I have never before encountered any issues of compatibility between the two. I was able to successfully place a number of docx files that I had created in WPS Writer into Publisher, including a file with lots of images and another with several embedded pdfs.

The files I have had trouble with are to do with an exercise I am doing for a course on technical writing in which I am trying to reformat a Wikipedia article so that it looks like a technical document. Whether I import the whole page with images into WPS Writer, or import the html without images and other media, when I save what I have going in WPS Writer to docx and try to place it into Publisher, the same thing happens: Publisher freezes. When I say "freeze", it is slightly different from the freezes I am normally used to in computer applications, but it certainly ceases to function in any useful way.

So basically the problem is something to do with how Publisher deals with what WPS Writer makes of HTML generated by Wikipedia.

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I've managed to narrow things down a bit further. I also need to be more precise about what I actually did.

Very specifically, I have only managed to reproduce the issue with a Word document (saved from within WPS writer) into which I have copied and pasted from an HTML file that was open in another WPS Office tab. For the layout exercise I am trying to do, the tutor has provided us with templates in the old DOT format. When I copy from the HTML document into that Word document (even if I have saved it first as a DOCX) and then try to place the resultant document in Publisher, I get the freeze.

I do not get the freeze if I simply save the Wikipedia-generated HTML as a DOCX and place that in Publisher. Nor do I get it when I save the template as a DOCX and place that in Publisher without first pasting in the content of the HTML document.

The document I have sent you was saved from a DOT template with the contents of the HTML file pasted into it.

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