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Blurry, white/transparent edges with denoise live filter

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Hey there,


I don’t know if this is a bug or if this is just how it works or if it’s because of the resolution.

I’ve added denoise live filter on top of a photo and cranked it up all the way.

Now what happens is, that I get this shine or blurry, transparent and even

artifact-like edge around the picture.




I know it sometimes these white, shiny edges can be corrected by checking the

transparency box, but the denoise filter doesn’t offer that option, at least for me.


Here’s the file, so you can see if you get the same results as me.


Blurry edge.afphoto




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Hi Dennis


This is partly the high level of denoise which is a softening filter and the screen rendering. You will see that the white areas change as you alter zoom level.


If you increase the detail slider in the denoise filter the edges become more solid.


When I export the file, the whiteness around the edges does not seem to be apparent in the export, again leaning this me towards a screen render issue



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Ah, you're right Chris!


Exported the image and the edge is gone, at least at the bottom.

Theres a slight remain left and right, but acceptable and definitely not as

present as in AP itself. That may be because of the image I choose

in the first place … anyways, should've tried exporting it first. ;)


Thanks for answering though!

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Hey Chris … got the same problem again. Different file though.


I worked on a pretty huge RAW file, cropped it to 5106 by 1890 px.


While exporting I resized it scale 1:6 – so that in the end it would be the size of the standard Facebook banner.

Yeah, I knowI know … »Why don’t you work on the final size from the beginning?«

Well, I like to always keep the original size as long as possible. ;)


However, the bottom layer was the image itself, followed by a live denoise (detail slider at max), add-noise and

colour-balance filter on top of the image layer affecting the whole canvas beneath. A few additional live filters

(e. g. Gaussian blur) with masks in the center.


So while exporting a PNG via the export dialogue – not the persona – I changed the size to 851 by 315 px.

The exported PNG had a slightly transparent border – depending on the detail slider of the denoise filter

more or less noticable. Just like the other image earlier in this topic.


I tried expanding the image beyond the canvas, so transparent areas technically shouldn't exist, but still

the border was present after exporting.


But I found a workaround for this problem! :)

Setting up a fill layer beneath the image layer, I don't know why, solved the problem.

No transparent borders anymore after adding it to the document.

I tried black or blue as the colour, apparently colour makes no difference.




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