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Set/maintain zoom level

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Not sure if this is should be a bug report, a feature request, or there is a control I haven't found.

Working with a 130 page book in Publisher – lots of full-page photos that are linked and still the file is north of 200MB – been behaving beautifully. The last time I did the same exercise with InDesign I collected a swimming pool of beach balls. So very happy, and all is looking good in the first printer proof.

However, there is one annoying thing. I like to work at actual size when designing and preparing these files. However, with the view/zoom level at 100% when I move to another spread via the pages column that view goes to an arbitrary level of anything from between 90% and 120% depending on the size of the working window I have. Every time I need to hit command 1 to get back to the desired zoom level. Should the zoom level stay at the previous level when navigating via the pages panel? Is there a setting I am missing for this option. If not, it would be a great feature to add.



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Along with MikeV, I think separating page navigation from zoom setting is the better choice, as usually, I do not mean to change my zoom setting just because I want to jump to a different page.

Fortunately, I don’t notice this very often, because zoom to fit is the choice I usually pick. But I pick it as a conscious decision, and if I need a different zoom level, then that also is a conscious decision, and I would want to Publisher to respect that even if I need to jump to a different page.

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Hi Gabe,

Thanks for that advice. I will set a window size that gets me close to 100% when working on these types of projects.

Would be great, as garrettm30 has suggested, to separate navigation from zoom so the zoom level remains a last requested/set when navigating through a long document via the pages panel.


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As a new user, the current behaviour is very annoying - I’m working on a 160pp double page spread and 90% is a comfortable zoom level for what I’m working on. Every time I change spread, it jumps back to 78%, and I also have to re centre the display. So time wasting - even if there were a set of buttons I could click for preset zoom levels would help - or even better, a much more flexible customised toolbar that I could add any function to like I can for, say, Microsoft office..

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