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Export Persona: select layers to export per slice

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Hey there guys.


I couldn't find a topic regarding this, I'll just try to describe what I am talking about. :)

Not sure if this is a question or a feature request either.


Lets say I have a few adjustment layers on top of several motives.

I want to export every motive in a separate file with the adjustment layers on top.

Like a series: motive_a.jpg, motive_b.jpg, motive_c.jpg, and so on.


Right now I only can do this by toggling the motive layers on and off every

time I want to export a different one.


I’d like to assign what layers to export per slice.

I'm aware of the feature to create a slice for exporting one specific layer even

if other layers are turned on (so they’re kinda getting ignored), but I'm looking

for something similar … like different slices for every motive plus the general

adjustment layers.


Like this:


Slice 1: export layer 1 and adjustment A and B, but not layer 2,3 and 4

Slice 2: export layer 2 and adjustment A and B, but not layer 1,3 and 4

Slice 3: export layer 3 and adjustment A and B, but not layer 1,2 and 4

Slice 4: export layer 4 and adjustment A and B, but not layer 1,2 and 3





Sorry if this sounds stupid, but does anyone understand what I’m talking about? :D

It would make exporting much more efficient in situations like these or even more

complex ones, I think. Like you configure it once and hit export all and don't have

to change the visibility for every motive.


I’ll attach an example file with named layers and slices … maybe that'll help

understand what I'm talking about. Maybe there’s even a solution that I don't know yet.


Would be handy in Affinity Designer as well as Affinity Photo.


Example – Layer Selection Export.afphoto





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