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Aperture was my main software program along with NIK plugins.  I never deleted iPhotos so basically I download to iPhoto and transferred to Aperture to correct.  I love Affinity however don't want to give up Aperture or Nik.  Particularly need Aperture for storage and cataloguing.  Have been warned by others not to use Photos for different reasons.  Am thinking what difference does it make if I download to Photos or iPhoto. Question--when using Affinity on Raw it works fine.  If I transfer a previously edited photo say 24MB after Aperture and perhaps NIK it is reduced to 200-400 kb after editing in Affinity.  This is my reading if I send the photo back to Aperture or out in an email.  Am I doing something wrong in my initial setup.  I drag and drop.  Set to photo, custom, pixels, RGB Adobe.  Occasionally when there is no cropping I will set to 18x12.  I work with a Nikon 7100.


Thanks,  Daisy   


PS  Does Affinity work better if Photos is the storage site.

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Hi Daisy,


Am I right in thinking your issue is that your files once edited in Affinity are very small? If so then could you please advise as to whether you are going to File > save as or File > Export when you are done making your changes?



Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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Daisy - why are you downloading your photos into iPhoto at all? Why not simply import them directly into Aperture?


You can either connect the camera or slip the SD card into the card reader on the Mac, open Aperture, and tell it to import directly from the card. To be safe, I actually copy the card into a new folder on the dektop first, remove the card, then open Aperture and import from the new folder. That just avoids the risk of automatically deleting the files once imported, as I want to keep them. Yes, I know you can say not to delete them, but just in case... (call me paranoid).


Then in Aperture, you can set Affinity as your external editing app, so that when you right-click on a photo in Aperture, and select "Edit with Affinity", the photo should open in Affinity.


I can't guarantee that the two-way trip is flawless yet - I'm gradually using Affinity more and more, bit by bit, but I haven't cut the cord to Photoshop yet - I'm going to wait until Affinity is just a tiny bit more mature, and has all the problems sorted out with plugins, etc (especially Topaz) before I finally ditch PS. So I don't have Affinity yet set as my external editor in Aperture - but I will as soon as I'm happy that Affinity is out of its post-natal phase :)


So, until Affinity introduces photo management facilities, like Aperture has (or Lightroom), it will remain as a separate editor for doing stuff (eg layers) that Aperture doesn't do.

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Callum,  Up until this post i have been going to file and exporting to Aperture and an email to myself as I wanted to save the corrections.  I am now choosing the Export mode and setting things up there before exporting.  Not loosing as many MP's.  Like many of us I am learning.


Pentaxian,  I am a creature of habit.  You are right.  I should just download to Aperture and delete iPhoto.  I have basically never used iPhoto  since I switched to a Mac.  Really wonder if Photos should be retained,  if Aperture is completely discontinued we could be in left without a storage space.  I have 3 G drives and for now want to backup my own work.  Still really love Aperture however Affinity is super and could easily replace just about anything I am interested in doing.


Thank you both for your replay.

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