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Editing text ending confirmation button

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Hello, I've noticed the Affinity suite programs lack a dedicated text ending of edit mode button (not sure what to really call this)… for example when editing text, I have to either press the ESC key every time to get out of editing mode, select the move tool directly from the tools bar or select another text box to edit. (pressing the move tool shortcut key while in editing mode will simple input the "V" character)

Something like what Photoshop has works really well and it's more of a intentional action and purposeful function when using a dedicated button on the control bar made specifically for it, with Photoshop, they also have a keyboard shortcut for it if not using the UI (command + enter / control + return)… but for Affinity that keyboard combination instead turns the text in the box into curves which is not the desired result, I just simply want a purposeful action that lets me know I'm out of editing mode and the containing box itself is selected, not the text.

Also I just find it odd when done editing text in a box and I press the ESC key it applies the text changes and selects the container object, when the expected behavior of pressing the ESC key is to cancel editing the changes altogether, however the Affinity programs instead confirms the changes seemingly the reverse approach to the canceling behavior the ESC key was formally designed to do on a keyboard. 



Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 8.09.41 PM.png

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Cancel changes = UNDO (command+Z on Mac, control+Z on that other platform); no need to waste users' time on these checkmark buttons.  That would be one more click to accomplish what should really be happening by default - if you don't intend to edit the text simply don't edit it.

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