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Copy/Paste individual FX and remove them all

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I would like to have the ability to copy and paste one or several FX's layers from a shape. As we have the Effects layers panel, we could have a right click option to copy the desired FX.(one or several selected)

Also to remove all FX's from a layer it's a long process because we have to deselect each layers one by one. It would be nice to have a turn off/turn on option with a right click on the layer for exemple.

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Hi MadPXL!
I think we can already do the first operation with this procedure: select the shape with the FX you'd like to copy and go to "Edit" and "Copy" [or Ctrl+C], than select the other shape and go to "Edit" and select "Paste FX" (or Ctrl+Shift+V].
This will copy ALL the effects from shape to shape.

To remove all the FX at one time we can use the same procedure as a workaround, copying the FX from a shape that has none. Not the most elegant, but it works until Serif will implement something better.

Let me know if this is partly what you were looking for ;)

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Hi Calma!

Yes, I use the shortcut to copy paste FX but as I said, I just want to copy one FX from a layer with multiple FX. It takes time to copy all fx and to go to the effects layer to uncheck unwanted FX one by one...

That's why I submit the idea of a right click option on the FX layer panel to just copy the selected or multi selected FX. And we can add the option to turn off selected FX too.

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