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When I work on multiple PC programs at the same time, Designer stops functioning properly. For it to work again I have to close the document and reopen it. If I have multiple documents open it affects them all and for these functions to work again I have to close all documents and reopen. It is not necessary to restart Designer though.

The following functions are missing when this problem occours:

  • Panning, via the spacebar shortcut, the middle mouse button, or even the view tool (hand)
  • Scrubby Zoom

All other ways of zooming and panning are working.

Thanks in advance


Windows 10 Version 1909 Build 18363.77
Designer 8.1

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When this occurs can you check the Windows Activity Monitor to see what usage the app is showing in terms of CPU, Memory, HDD etc. Perhaps do a short screen recording when it occurs and upload here.

Is this occurring with any document or just one particular one?

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