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I'm curious if there is a setting to define the "tolerance" or "sensitivity" for the selection brush? Currently the behaviour is quite "unsatisfying" See the example video. The brush is positioned in one of the lightest areas of the picture but it instantly selects the darkest parts even though there is a very clear border between light and dark and the brush is reasonably small. Since I did not find any parameter to configure the behaviour this might be a topic for improvement.

Cheers, Timo



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The selection tool, and specifically the lack of this feature drives me insane, and keeps me wedded to photoshop. For my specific workflow the selection tool is just USLESS, and really totally awful... I love affinity, and have bought 3 copies for other people, BUT the selection brush is serious issue.... I often need to spot edit colours, and it just takes an insanely long time to select a region..... I am talking like up to 10mins of faffing around that only takes one click in photoshop.... When you need to do this 20 times in one day, well you can see the problem,... it is just not viable to use affinity.......


I publish and design kids books and the integrated suite is AMAZING, ad I LOVE designer ... BUT the selection tool is just nuts.... I often have to select and adjust a single colour in an illustration, but there is no way to refine the selection tool easily... and CHANGING THE BRUSH SIZE doesn't work, the refine edges feature is insanely fiddly and time consuming... (and it doesn't always work properly)  but the selection brush NEVER snaps to the edge properly without using it.... every so often I think I must be missing something and go searching for videos on how to do it easily.... but in the end I have just wasted and hour and go back to do it in photoshop....

I am begging for this feature... and  I would happily move all my illustrators, lay up and editing onto affinity, but at the moment it would simply cost me 20 times the cost of an Adobe subscription in wasted time.... If you wan't professionals to use you, you cannot be wasting that much of our time. 

You just cannot select a colour range region without a lot of stuffing about... with photoshop I can do it in 1 or 2 clicks... yesterday I was trying to select a graduated area of a green in a  plant... it had a thin white line from another element through it... I tried to select the just green in AP for about 20 mins, and I just couldn't do it, no matter how hard  I tried... it kept including the white line, and spilling over into the brown around it..... I could fix the spill into the brown with a fair bit of stuffing about,  but short of ruducing the brush down to almost single pixel by pixel I could not get it not select the white....I so wanted to do this AP, but  it would have taken me maybe 45 mins to just make the selection I wanted in AP. AS always I ended up in PS and did it in 2 clicks..... 

I keep adobe for this one feature, and it annoys me as I have to jump out of the most beautiful streamlined workflow I have ever had to do this one task....  I would make you a screenshot video,  to show you how useless the selection tool is for the task I need, and how easy photoshop it..... but please I am begging you... a tolerance or sensitivity  feature and I will buy more copies...., and champion your world domination. 

Also as an aside, does your software work in Chinese??? I would love my print house to have you on site...


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11 minutes ago, quad said:

Also as an aside, does your software work in Chinese???

There are ten interface language options, one of which is Chinese (Simplified).

English (UK)
English (US)
German (DE)
Spanish (ES)
French (FR)
Italian (IT)
Japanese (JA)
Portuguese (Brazilian) (PT-BR)
Russian (RU)
Chinese (Simplified) (ZH)


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