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2nd Illustration with AD, RC-1, 'THE RACE' with first impressions.

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Had fun doing this, the new tapered brushes are pretty cool!.


My Racing Queen was entirely done with RC-1.


Minor glitches


Had one freeze after:


1. using the top of the new tapered brushes, 2. then zooming in and 3. trying to select the drawn elements with a frame. Flying menus turned grey and the frame did not vanish. Unable to click anything after this, but happily SAVE worked like a charm.


After re-opening some elements got an additional fill (all on the layer where I tried to select them) but with some mouseclicks it was fine again.


Pencil tool: when drawing line is not visible - so it is still a bit 'try and error'.




I really like the additions, very useful.


A bit of tweaking is needed for the Tapered Brushes.


Sometimes, when drawing lines, the end of the line get's capped/ cut-off like you were using a square shaped brush.


Tried this with different sizes and settings (velocity/ pressure/transparency): result is - the bigger the brushsize the more edgy your line-end.


I also found the new brushes a bit laggy with the Companion Hybrid and the Bamboo.


While the greyout of boxes has happened several times already I NEVER lost a sketch here. Find this very impressive.

Some fully finished programs make me bang my head against the wall quite often ;)


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Thank you Matt and Andrew.

I am really happy to have this genius feature where you can have different blend settings

for different object on ONE layer - this is just wild.

No idea if there is an Autoselect option to choose a layer via clicking an object but already

now the layer management is fab. The option to set an object to 'Erase' is fantastic.

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Nice piece, and style Lescot.  


Would like to see your process. Do you start with a sketch or straight on to digital? I like how some of your shapes use different colours inside the shapes and that car almost has a woodcut feel to it.


Yes the erase option is crazy. I've got to try a piece that really exploits that feature...

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Ty retrograde.

While I sometimes use sketches (oencil/ ballpoint) for a start I lately tend to do a lot digital.

The newest pencil-fill option is great, giving you elegant lines without the hassle of combining lines.

I first draw the characters, then the elements as linework. The comes filling in the basic colors plus shading.

Last are FX and the final blending modes. The blending in AD is crazy fast and reliable.

Hope that helped ;)

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