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DNG crop size not honored - artifacts.

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Hi Affinity! Just bought photo and designer and excited to join the community. I am trying the beta specifically for raw export and I noticed working with DNGs that Affinity doesn't honor the crop value. Capture One/darktable/adobe all say that the image (Sony ARW to Adobe DNG from Adobe DNG creator) is 7360x4912 (same as I get from RAW with sony software) but affinity says 7392x4920 (same as I get with OpenImageIO) and the rightmost pixels look funky (pic attached).

I'm using the images for mapping so this is a showstopper for me.

Incidentally if I open the ARW I get 7362x4920 with no artifacts (same as I get with OpenImageIO) and darktable gives me 7366x4920. Capture One and Sony and Adobe give me 7360x4912.

It would be nice if the "standard crop" was honored. If my center pixels are inconsistent it makes it hard to evaluate different softwares.


I can provide ARW and DNG if needed.


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Hey riveryeti,

Affinity does not automatically crop raw files like other apps do. We let you decide what you want to throw away as occasionally there is some useful info in there. However, some cases as we see here, those pixels are definitely unwanted.

I can't see what lens etc. you are using so I'm not sure if you need to pick one from the list in the Develop Persona. If you can attach a sample for me that would be great.

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Attached a DNG and the ARW I used to make it. I used Adobe DNG converter to make it, I think the most recent profile (whatever it defaulted to). The only thing I changed was to make it not generate embedded thumbnails (or to do the smallest one, whatever my choice was).

BTW I have gigabit symmetrical internets and you seem to have an upload bottleneck somewheres. my speed test is running at 357mbps up and I'm only getting about 1mbps to your forum upload.

Just a note - with all the image software that I am testing, the inability to reliably understand where the default sensor crop of 7360x4912 is cropping is frustrating. I dunno if I'm supposed to start at UL,LR, or the center to crop (though these bad pix on the right of the DNG imply that I should be way left). But the 2 extra "x" pixels and 8 extra "y" pixels in ARW mode are more difficult to figure out.

Since we are doing scientific imaging, the less resampling and manipulation that we do the better, so cropping without resampling would be ideal, and cropping to the "standard" sensor output or at least knowing what the standard sensor crop is, would be nice so we can duplicate the principal point of the lens and apply the same lens distortion model to images converted from ARW with different softwares. Not sure how I can find the default sensor crop extent though. Hope this isn't too off-topic for beta.


2018-10-08_17_14.10-DSC04712-N7251F.dng 2018-10-08_17_14.10-DSC04712-N7251F.ARW

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